Kick-butt Cellulite Redux – Don’t You Just Hate Those Lumps, Bumps, Dimples And Sagging?

appearance_concerns_of_women_over_50Unless you are very very lucky, you’ll have faced a few lower body challenges as you’ve aged, and the mirror will doubtless reflect some ugly bumps, lumps, dimples and sagging, you’d rather not see.

Cellulite, which is caused by lack of proper muscle fiber stimulation, is certainly a concern for women over 50, and that’s because of the way out bodies are designed.

Women’s bodies are clearly physically different from men’s’, but did you know our fat cells are different too?

We were designed with child bearing and breast feeding in mind, so were given more fat cells, and as our skin texture is thinner than that of males, it’s easier to see the lumps of fat underneath.

You don’t even have to be overweight to have cellulite either.

It’s caused by all sorts of things including hormones, lifestyle choices, metabolism, the food you eat and the exercises you do…or don’t do!

Even the environment can have an effect, because certain toxins found in food preservatives, and plastics can make you store extra fats on your lower regions.

Of course you can try various creams, potions and lotions but the best way to banish cellulite and get a firmer, or more toned, smoother body is to stimulate those lower body muscles.

Apparently, we have 90 individual muscles from our waist down to our ankles, and unless we use them we get muscle atrophy, which makes our skin pucker and sag.

Anyway, if you want to combat your lower body challenges from home without using expensive and ineffective creams, etc., you might want to try the 7Minute Workout which is now part of NowLifestyle.